Having worked alongside many women in the NHS for over 20 years,  I hear many say that they are not stepping up to leadership roles for lots of different reasons. And those reasons are not necessarily skill or competency based. Often they are self – confidence, family and flexible working, unconscious bias. And yet we know that women have all the right skills that the NHS needs right now. Women are more likely to work in team, empathise, and nurture. We are entering an integrated care system and we need more than ever to work together. More women need to be in these leadership roles, making these decisions about care.

So I decided to take all the skills and tools I have learned in my career in the private sector and pass them over to women in the NHS, get women networking with those that have already achieved.

I want to empower women to step up to that leadership role, have confidence, beat the imposter syndrome voice and ask for that flexible working if that’s what it takes.

To make change happen we need to be part of it.

So welcome, join in, share your stories, ask for help. This is your community!